FLIRT: Fast and Flexible Iage Registration Toolbox

This is the webpage for the fast and flexible image registration toolbox - FLIRT - of MIC (formerly known as the SAFIR-research group). The toolbox contains a C/C++ library which is described in [1]. The implemented algorithms are introduced in [2,3].

To get the toolbox please write an e-mail to flirt at

We like to point out, that you have to read the Software-Disclaimer. Using the FLIRT-Toolbox involves accepting the restrictions and guarantees written down therein. The use of the FLIRT-toolbox is only for non-commercial purposes.

After receiving your e-mail you will get

  • the source code for 2D image registration (curvature, diffusive, elastic),
  • the source code for 3D elastic image registration,
  • the user guide.

Please feel free to ask for any kind of questions



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