Image registration and tracking

A core problem in biomedical, terrestrial or physical applications is to align several images or volumes of the same object that contain random or systematic differences.

At MIC/MeVis, we develop efficient methods for high-accuracy estimation of correspondences and deformation maps between multiple datasets. Challenges include large datasets (usually 3D or 4D volumes) and the highly ambiguous/ill-posed nature of the registration problem, which requires modelling of application-specific knowledge.

Algorithms developed at MIC have won several awards at large conferences including CVPR and BVM, and rank among the highest at several benchmark competitions, such as the Empire10 and CLUST challenge. They are currently licensed and in production by a number of companies.


  • Image registration
  • Object tracking
  • Motion estimation and optical flow
  • Variational methods
  • Energy minimization


  • Intra- and interpatient alignment of CT/MRI/PET/SPECT data for quantitative analysis, surgical intervention and radiation planning
  • Cursor synchronization
  • Tracking of structures in histological data
  • Change detection for follow-up diagnostics in radiology
  • Motion correction and compensation of breathing motion
  • Registration of lung CT images for ventilation modelling



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