Talk: K. Joost Batenburg

On Nov. 9, 17.15, Prof. K. Joost Batenburg from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica Amsterdam will give a talk about "Recent Developments in Discrete Tomography".

Location: MIC-Arena, MFC 2, Maria-Goeppert-Str. 1a

Title: Recent Developments in Discrete Tomography

Abstract: The field of Discrete Tomography (DT) is concerned with the reconstruction of  scanned objects from their projections, where the objects are known to have just a small set of compositions, each corresponding to a particular grey level in the reconstructed image. Compared to classical reconstruction methods, which do not incorporate assumptions on the grey levels, DT algorithms are capable of computing accurate reconstructions from far fewer measurements than conventional algorithms. Moreover, as the reconstructed image in DT is already segmented and the grey levels are linked to the compositions of the object, the reconstruction can be used directly for quantitative analysis.
In recent years, discrete tomography has developed from a theoretical gadget into a practical tool, which has been applied successfully to a range of experimental datasets, ranging from the reconstruction of nanocrystals at the atomic scale to the reconstruction of engine parts in industry.
In this lecture, the field of Discrete Tomography will be introduced, discussing both the theoretical foundations and the applications of DT.