Mathematics of Medical Imaging

MITACS Iinternational Focus Period

From June 2011 to August 2012 is the MITACS International Focus Period on The Mathematics of Medical Imaging which consist of a series of events. Specific aims are

  • Showcase major recent advances in the mathematics of Medical Imaging, and find ways in which these can have significant impact in future clinical applications
  • Bring to the attention of mathematicians interesting new problems and help define mathematical structures yet to be understood, to build a base for training graduate students and a new generation of researchers in the field with strong mathematical and interdisciplinary skills 
  • Establish research and training interconnections with the large Medical Imaging community in Ontario and British Columbia. 
  • Establish research relationships with industrial partners interested in the discovery of novel imaging techniques and instrumentation.

In particular we woukld like to draw your attention to the workshop event Computational Methods in the Mathematics of Medical Imaging, taking place at the University of British Columbia, Canada, Oct 3-14, 2011.