Talk: Martin Skovgaard Andersen

On Feb. 2, 15.00, Martin Skovgaard Andersen from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Compute) will give a talk on "Large-scale numerical optimization with applications in computed tomography".

Location: MIC-Arena, Maria-Goeppert-Str. 3, 23562 Lübeck

Title: Large-scale numerical optimization with applications in computed tomography

Abstract: Numerical optimization plays an important role in reconstruction methods for computed tomography. While many problem formulations lead to optimization problems that are conceptually simple to solve, the large-scale nature of tomography problems makes them challenging and calls for computationally cheap methods. In this talk, we discuss two classes of such methods, namely the class of incremental proximal gradient methods and block coordinate descent methods. These methods can be viewed as generalizations of some classical tomography methods and can be applied to a wide range of problem formulations. We illustrate the properties of these methods based on some examples from tomography.