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Talk: Jan-Michael Frahm
Wednesday, 15.02.2012

On Tuesday, Feb. 21 2012, 16 ct, Dr. Jan-Michael Frahm, Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will give a talk on "Fast Scalable Dense Reconstruction of the World from Photos and Video"

Talk: Stephen L. Keeling
Wednesday, 15.02.2012

On Wednesday, Feb 15 2012, 17 ct., a.o. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Stephen L. Keeling from the Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing of the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, will give a talk on "Consistent Discretizations for Vanishing Regularization Solutions to Image Processing Problems"

Talk: Hanno Schumacher
Wednesday, 08.02.2012

On 8 February, 17 c.t., Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Inf. Hanno Schumacher from MiE GmbH, Seth, will give a talk about "Szintigraphie und SPECT - Von der Messung zur Auswertung". The talk will be in German.

Talk: Dr. Konstantin Ens
Wednesday, 01.02.2012

On 1 February, 17 c.t., Dr. Konstantin Ens from EUROIMMUN AG Lübeck will give a talk about "EUROPattern". The talk will be in German.

TALK: Prof. Daniel Rückert
Wednesday, 18.01.2012

On January 18, 16.00, Prof. Daniel Rückert from the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, will give a talk about "Learning and Discovery of Clinically Useful Information from Medical Images".

Lars Ruthotto qualified for FameLab Germany
Monday, 16.01.2012

Lars won the jury-award for 2nd best 3 minute presentation and will represent Schleswig-Holstein at the national final in Bielefeld on March 31 - Congratulations, Lars!

Foundation of "BioMedTec Wissenschaftscampus"
Friday, 13.01.2012

In the course of the opening ceremony "Lübeck - Stadt der Wissenschaft 2012" on Friday 13 January 2012, founding members of the new BioMedTec Wissenschaftscampus signed the founding agreement.