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Talk: Sven Kabus
Thursday, 17.01.2013

On Wednesday, January 30th, 17ct., Dr. Sven Kabus, Senior Scientist at the Department Digital Imaging, Philips Technologie GmbH will give a talk on "Image registration in clinical practice"

Lars Ruthotto successfully defends PhD-Thesis
Tuesday, 27.11.2012

Lars Ruthotto successfully defended his PhD-Thesis "Hyperelastic Image Registration - Theory, Numerical Methods, and Applications"  on Monday, November 26th.
Congratulations, Lars!

Fraunhofer MEVIS joins the european project IMPACT
Thursday, 15.11.2012

Press realase: Sapiens announces start of IMPACT, a 5M€ European project to improve Deep Brain Stimulation

Wednesday, 14.11.2012

Auf der diesjährigen MEDICA präsentiert die Fraunhofer MEVIS Projektgruppe Bildregistrierung in Lübeck eines der schnellsten nicht-rigiden Verfahren zur Lungenregistrierung.

New Team Member
Thursday, 01.11.2012

MIC is happy to announce that a new member joined our team: Thomas Polzin. He will be a Ph.D student as of today, Nov 1st, 2012. Welcome!

Talk: Prof. Dr. Axel Mosig
Monday, 22.10.2012

On October 24, 17 ct., Prof. Dr. Axel Mosig from the Ruhr University Bochum, Bioinformatics Group, Department of Biophysics, will give a talk on "Hierarchical Image Representations and Applications in Bioimage Analysis".

New Team Member
Monday, 01.10.2012

MIC is happy to announce that the new member joined our team: Mark Schenk. He will take on the new challenges as of today, Oct 1st, 2012.