Improved Minimal-Invasive Laparoscopic Liver Surgery by Registration of {3D CT} and {2D} Ultrasound Slices
Heldmand, S. and Beuthien, B. and Olesch, J. and Papenberg, N. and Fischer, B.
      (to appear, 2010)

In this work we present a new approach for image registration of 3D images and scattered 2D slices. Our work is moti- vated by the FUSION project on minimal invasive navigated laparoscopic liver surgery. Therefore, we need to register volumetric computer tomography (CT) data and tracked ultrasound (US) slices. One particular problem is that the set of all US slices does not assemble a full 3D domain. Other approaches use so-called compounding techniques to interpolate a 3D volume from the scattered slices. Here, instead of inventing new interpolated data, we directly work on the given US slices and compare the images at the location of the 2D slice data in 3-space. The upcoming registration algorithm makes use of a Gauss-Newton scheme embedded into a multi-level framework. The paper closes with promising results and an outlook on further steps.