Thomas Vogt

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M. Sc.

Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing
University of Lübeck

Fraunhofer MEVIS


Address: Maria-Goeppert-Str. 3
23562 Lübeck
Phone: +49 451 3101 6114
Fax: +49 451 3101 6104
Email: vogt(at)

Research Interests

I'm interested in convex relaxation methods for variational image processing techniques with applications in medical imaging, in particular images with high-dimensional feature spaces such as Q-ball (HARDI) data from diffusion MRI.


I received my Bachelor's degree (2013, minor Classics and Ancient Studies) and my Master's degree (2015, with highest distinction) in Mathematics from the University of Bonn. Since April 2016, I'm a PhD Student at the Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing of the University of Lübeck, supervised by Prof. Dr. Jan Lellmann.


I support the #flyingless Call on Universities and Professional Associations to Greatly Reduce Flying (also see @flyingless). For events in Europe, I never use air travel. I generally avoid travel for personal or academic purposes outside Europe. Read more about this important issue in the 2017 NATURE article, sign the petition and share the word. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information about this topic.


  • Jun 2018
    Vogt, T. und Lellmann, J.: Measure-Valued Variational Models with Applications to Diffusion-Weighted Imaging,. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision,, Jun, 2018,
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  • Jun 2017
    Vogt, T. und Lellmann, J.: An Optimal Transport-Based Restoration Method for Q-Ball Imaging. Scale Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision: 6th International Conference, SSVM 2017, Kolding, Denmark, June 4-8, 2017, Proceedings, Lauze, F., Dong, Y., und Dahl, A. B. (Ed.), Springer International Publishing, pp. 271-282, 2017
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Talks, Posters and Media

Functional-Analytic Questions in Measure-Valued Variational Problems
SIAM: Imaging Science, Bologna, 06/2018 | Slides

Total Variation Regularization of Measure-Valued Variational Models
Workshop IVTA, Siegen, 03/2018 | Slides

A Mathematical Framework for Variational Models of Measure-Valued Data
Workshop MIA, Berlin, 01/2018 | Poster

Maths on a Boat: Thomas Vogt and imaging neurons
Interview with Plus Magazine (Cambridge) at Heidelberg Laureate Forum, 09/2017 | External Link

Optimal Transport-Based Total Variation for Functional Lifting and Q-Ball Imaging
Workshop at INI, Cambridge, 09/2017 | Abstract/Video (INI Archive) | Slides

An Optimal Transport-Based Restoration Method for Q-Ball Imaging
SSVM, Kolding, 06/2017 | Poster

Optimal Transport–Based Restoration and Reconstruction of Q-Ball Data
Northern German Colloquium, Hamburg, 05/2017 | Abstract | Slides

The Wasserstein Distance in Q-Ball Imaging
Workshop MVIP, Kaiserslautern, 12/2016 | Slides


All course materials are available on Moodle.

Summer term 2018
Optimierung (teaching assistant)
Numerik der Bildverarbeitung (teaching assistant)

Winter term 2017/2018
Bildregistrierung (teaching assistant)

Summer term 2017
Optimierung (teaching assistant)
Variationsrechnung und Partielle Differentialgleichungen (teaching assistant)

Winter term 2016/2017
Lineare Algebra und Diskrete Strukturen 1 (teaching assistant)

Summer term 2016
Lineare Algebra und Diskrete Strukturen 2 (teaching assistant)