Welcome to the Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing

No doubt: images, image processing and image computing are everywhere in modern life. Application areas range from classical topics such as astronomy or photography to more recent discoveries such as bio-molecular or medical imaging, just to name a few.
We, the Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing and Fraunhofer MEVIS in Lübeck, provide mathematical methods and practical solutions for state-of-the-art imaging problems with strong focus on medical imaging. Our goal is to bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial development and to provide sound solutions that simply work and simplify work.
Our activities range from education and training of highly qualified personnel, over research on application relevant mathematical models as well as efficient and sustainable algorithms, to the development and implementation of industrial solutions for clinical applications.

Keywords: medical imaging, image registration, inverse problems, numerical optimization, partial differential equations, scientific computing and variational techniques.

Aktuelle Stellenausschreibung

Am Institute of Mathematics and Image Computing der Universität zu Lübeck ist schnellstmöglich eine Stelle eines/einer
wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters / Mitarbeiterin (E14 TV-L)
zu besetzen. Die Stelle ist dem BMBF-Forschungsprojekt „Dynamische Medizinische Bildgebung: Modellierung und Analyse medizinischer Daten für verbesserte Diagnose, Überwachung und Arzneimittelentwicklung (MED4D)“ zugeordnet und zunächst befristet bis zum 30. November 2019.

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